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Humble+ and collagen: sport, well-being and lifestyle

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Consumer understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle is becoming more democratic. The Wellness trend is growing: apps, smart devices and functional food... that's where we're doing well.

Humble+, the brand for active consumers.

Convinced of this way of life, we launched Humble+ in 2019 to meet the needs of our community for healthy, good and functional food, which is currently absent from our food shelves (even if the number of our partner outlets is growing). multiply). 

If sports nutrition products have been around for decades, they were only now aimed at the objectives of muscle gain or weight loss with dietary supplements (whey, BCCA, fat-burning), often in the form of powder or capsule where the pleasure of consumption was absent and the quality sometimes questionable.

Humble+ is for the average person looking for products to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. Our desire is to expand this market to occasional sports enthusiasts who do not wish to compromise between pleasure and functionality.

With collagen research and clinical studies on benefits for sports, joint comfort (and skin beauty), it's the functional ingredient we've introduced into every one of our products. All made in France.

Who are Humble+ collagen products for?

Humble+ is aimed at two types of population: the active lifestyle population and the so-called "Healthy Agers", which we are struggling to translate into French.

The active lifestyle population is young (30-45), with a large female share, sporty without being professional athletes. The differentiating aspects that this population finds in Humble+ are products helping them to improve their muscle recovery, to take care of their joints in prevention and to improve the beauty of their skin - the most well-known function of collagen.

So our products are : 

- without sugar or without added sugar for our collagen bars (less than 5g against an average of 50g for a sneaker)

- with a short and natural list of ingredients: no sweeteners, preservatives, stabilizers. No E product.

We accompany both experienced athletes (boxing, CrossFit, Ju-Jitsu, surfing) and occasional athletes in their bi-weekly jogging.

The "Healthy Agers" population is defined by an age between 45 and 65 years old, wishing to improve their physical condition and their well-being and to remain active as long as possible.

This type of consumer will find in our products:

a committed brand, natural ingredients with a targeted objective for joints and tendons, proven benefits, no side effects.

The benefits of collagen for sport and an active lifestyle.

study recent study conducted by Newcastle University, provides the first evidence of the effectiveness of collagen for general health and sports performance, suggesting that collagen contributes to better post-exercise recovery, improved performance, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

With regular consumption of collagen, the results have demonstrated an acceleration of recovery with an anti-inflammatory action reducing the sensation of pain on the muscle damaged by exercise. To popularize: less aches and for less time.

The benefits of collagen for reducing joint pain and discomfort

study of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has shown that the consumption of collagen increases the self-production of collagen and helps to reduce joint pain, mainly in the knee, during and after physical exertion.  

Here we are addressing either athletes affected by this type of pain, or the second category Healthy Agers for whom improving the quality of life is a major concern.

To conclude, everyone can benefit from the benefits provided by collagen whether for sport, joint comfort, preventing tendon injuries or the beauty of the skin. Our mission is twofold: to make you discover the benefits of collagen - and to make you consume more of it with our products designed without compromise between taste and functionality.

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