Tendinite blessure et collagène.

How to treat your tendinopathy?

We talk to you with Louis Ragoucy, sports physiotherapist at Kiné Louvre Sport - KLS, how to cure tendinopathy syndrome with two recommendations:
1. Tendon Stimulation
2. Adding Collagen to Your Daily Life

What is a tendinopathy?

What is commonly referred to as tendonitis is actually a syndrome of tendinopathy, an inflammation that can occur at the sheath, insertion or tendon.

The tendon is often the most affected because they are poorly vascularized and regenerate very slowly. They are made up of 80-85% collagen, the most important protein in the body.

Tendinopathy is an overuse injury that occurs when the tendon is overstressed beyond its tolerance threshold. This creates an inflammation that manifests itself in more or less significant pain but above all in functional impotence (difficulty walking or lifting the shoulder, for example). 

Several factors can lead to tendinopathy such as lifestyle, the lack of collagen and very often, a bad management of its load or its effort which leads to pain. This may be, for example, an increase in mileage that is not progressive enough in running or an increase in load that is too great in CrossFit. 

We are going to see two tips to cure your tendinopathy.

Stimulate your tendon to speed healing

Until recently, medicine advocated rest to cure tendinopathy! On the contrary, recent studies show that a tendon needs to be stimulated to regain strength and accept stress again. 

At KLS, we focus rehabilitation first on the vascularization of the tendon and on its progressive reloading. Strengthening exercises are therefore strongly recommended by adapting the load to the patient's pain. Isometric exercises are very good exercises.

Before resuming sport, it will of course be necessary to validate with the patient that the sporting gesture is no longer painful but above all that it is well executed to avoid re-injuring yourself again!

Adding collagen to your daily life  

To help relieve the pain of these conditions, consuming collagen supplements can be very beneficial. Indeed the tendon is composed of 80% collagen.

While it helps strengthen the body as a whole, it works particularly on the joints and tendons. It will regenerate the missing collagen inside them and have an anti-inflammatory action. It will thus promote their better recovery.

To prevent inflammation from taking hold in the tendons and creating tendinopathies, collagen helps maintain a healthy natural environment for fibrous tissue.


A one-month cure of collagen at 5 grams per day (one can) in support of physiotherapy exercises should allow you to say goodbye to your tendinopathy.

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