Pas de tendinites cet été grâce au collagène !

No tendonitis this summer thanks to collagen!

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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite outdoor sports activities. Whether playing golf, tennis or running, the enthusiasm is palpable!

But beware, the sudden increase in physical activity can sometimes lead to tendonitis, nuisances that can spoil your sporting holidays. Fortunately, our collagen products can keep them away and save you from pain and inflammation!

Watch out for the inflammatory effects of summer

In summer, we often indulge in a few excesses, compensated by sports practice. Barbecues, aperitifs on the terrace and colorful cocktails are on the agenda. But all this can lead to inflammation in your body that you will accentuate by playing sports. But guess what? Collagen has anti-inflammatory properties that will relieve you and allow you to recover more quickly after your sports sessions.

Let's look at some common summer ailments:

Running : windshield wiper tendonitis (iliotibial band syndrome)

A condition that occurs especially when increasing the volume of training. The iliotibial band is a tendinous tissue that extends from the hip to the knee. When it becomes irritated due to repeated friction, it causes pain on the outer side of the knee, which can be more intense when flexing or extending the knee while running.

Golf : Golf-elbow (medial epicondylitis)

Affection of the inner side of the elbow. It is often caused by repetitive twisting and bending movements of the forearm, but it can also be caused by other activities such as manual labor. Symptoms of golf elbow include pain on the inside of the elbow, weakness in the grip, and difficulty bending or grasping objects.

Tennis : Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis):

Tennis elbow is a common condition that affects the outside of the elbow. It is often caused by repetitive movements of the arm and forearm, but it can also be caused by other activities, such as gardening, DIY, or excessive computer use. Typical symptoms of tennis elbow include pain on the outside of the elbow, increased sensitivity to touch, and difficulty gripping or lifting heavy objects.

Collagen, the anti-tendonitis superhero

Imagine collagen as the Robin Hood of your body. It comes to the rescue of your tendons and ligaments, strengthens them and protects them from injury. By including collagen in your daily diet before and during the summer, you give your tendons the armor they need to face all the summer sporting escapades. No more tendinitis that keeps you off the greens or courts!

How to avoid summer tendonitis - dosage?

From now on in prevention: 5g of collagen per day in bar , can or powder to be diluted in water or coffee.

If, on the other hand, tendinitis is already present, the recommended dose is 10g per day as well as mobilization of the tendon in the area concerned to see it disappear.

Don't let tendonitis ruin your athletic summer. Team up with collagen, your anti-tendonitis and anti-inflammatory ally. Protect your tendons, enjoy your summer activities.