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Athletes: 5 benefits of collagen – Humble +

Collagen is the most present protein in the human body. Its regeneration slows down with age, which leads to skin aging and the weakening of bones and cartilage. Here are 5 reasons to consume collagen daily.

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5 benefits of collagen for athletes

Collagen is the structural protein abundantly manufactured by the human body. It is present in essential structures of the body, such as bones, tendons, ligaments and provides the skin with the firmness and elasticity necessary to move and function healthily.

Unfortunately, athletes, due to their repeated friction (running, CrossFit, tennis...), are exposed to several ailments such as arthritis and tendonitis. The consumption of collagen as a supplement can therefore be an effective solution to guard against these health problems and many other handicaps.

In this article, we will discover together five benefits of collagen for athletes.

To strengthen tendons, ligaments and promote joint recovery

Tendons are made up of fibrous tissues that attach your muscles to your bones. They also bind and stabilize the joints of the skeleton. Without it, you couldn't enjoy playing sports.

One of the components that ensures the proper functioning of your
tendons and ligaments, it is collagen, which is found in abundance.

When collagen is in reduced or insufficient quantity, it leads to the weakening of your tendons. These are therefore exposed to injuries or muscle pain, like your ligaments.

If you want to prevent your ligaments from losing their elasticity or flexibility, you need to make sure you have enough collagen. Supplemental collagen consumption also reduces the risk of muscle pain, joint stiffness and other
injuries that you can face as an athlete.

Taking a supplement is also interesting because it helps to accelerate muscle recovery.

Good news for you who need to be 100% to perform and achieve feats. To relieve athletes facing the problem of arthritis
Arthritis is characterized by pain in the joints of the hands, wrists, feet, etc.

As an athlete, you know how difficult it is to play when you feel pain in your limbs or joints. So you have every interest in avoiding arthritis.

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis. It is characterized by the destruction of the cartilage that protects the bones of the joint. It is often related to age, but can also be accentuated by the repeated use of a joint in the practice of a sporting activity.

Good news: the daily consumption of collagen allows you to fight effectively against the different types of osteoarthritis, by preserving and solidifying your joint tissues in particular.

To prevent and treat tendonitis

When you are a sports lover, a known condition that you are prone to is tendonitis. It is manifested by pain in the wrists, hands, forearms, arms, knees, etc., due to repetitive movements when performing the same activity.

Luckily, you can prevent and treat console tendinitis by regularly consuming collagen-rich supplements and eating a balanced and varied diet.

Collagen participates in the structure of cartilage and therefore provides your body with amino acids that go into the composition and solidification of joints.

To say goodbye to tendinitis and practice your passion in better conditions, consider consuming collagen.

To improve the results of the athlete's stretching exercises

Muscle stretching is recommended for athletes, as it helps prevent joint problems and effectively protects against muscle injuries.

Wouldn't you like to optimize the results of your stretching? If so, consuming collagen can help you, especially because it has the ability to soften muscles and preserve their mobility.

Studies have also shown that collagen is a muscle building hack. So if you are an athlete who wants to optimize your exercises and muscle stretching, you must adopt collagen.

To take advantage of its beneficial effects in weight control

We cannot repeat it enough: the first factor in weight control is the energy balance between calories consumed and calories expended.

However, collagen is a tremendous asset in maintaining muscle mass in times of under-calorie consumption or for the satiety effect it generates when trying to lose weight. 

There you go, you know the essentials about the benefits of collagen for athletes. These are many benefits that you can enjoy by consuming the collagen supplement. So, don't hesitate to get it.