Combat collagen loss

Collagen is gaining popularity among people wishing to improve their well-being. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less and less collagen.

Do you know why with age your skin loses its elasticity, you find it more difficult to recover after sport or suffer from joint pain?

We've put together a guide that explores aging and its effects on collagen production, as well as ways to increase that production. 

What is collagen?

The proteins that make up our body are made up of amino acids. Collagen is a pure protein, one of the most important in the human body. It is composed of glycine, glutamine, histidine, isoleucine, arginine, leucine and proline. 

With age, collagen production begins to slow down. For what ? And when should you start taking collagen? 

Aging: responsible for the loss of collagen.

With age, the body's ability to produce the amino acids needed to make collagen may decrease. Thus the collagen naturally degraded by the body is not replaced. Therefore, the amount of collagen the body can produce cannot keep up with the amount of collagen that has been broken down. Thus, the amount of collagen and elastin decreases, which affects the appearance of your skin, the elasticity of your tissues (like ligaments and joints like the knee);

Another wear factor for collagen is regular exposure to the sun. This can cause it to degrade faster if exposed too often. 

What are the symptoms of a lack of collagen?

Traditionally, the aging of the body caused by a lack of collagen contributes to a number of problems, including arthritis. Recently, the loss of collagen in the body has been recognized, and studies show that it is possible to prevent it. The signs of this problematic loss are:

1. Sore joints or joint discomfort

2. Degraded athletic performance

3. Loss of skin elasticity

4. Loss of hair tone

When should I start taking collagen?

We have dedicated an entire article here.

By Synthesizing: Collagen is a protein responsible for the strength and appearance of many tissues in the body, including bones, teeth, blood vessels and skin.

Collagen supplementation is recommended from the age of 25, the age from which a decrease in collagen in the body is observed. 

Humble+ makes good, healthy and functional collagen products that can help youhelp develop healthier skin, strong joints and ligaments, and better muscle recovery. 

The Naticol marine collagen that our products make up contains 18 types of amino acids with clinically proven benefits.

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