How to consume collagen in a sports preparation?

You are preparing for a race, a triathlon, a tennis tournament or a CrossFit competition... On D-Day your body will be put to the test.

If a progressive physical preparation is essential, the latter will already create inflammation and muscle and joint fatigue which could prove embarrassing on the day of the event. 

We present below our consumption plan of collagen for sports and to take care of your muscle and joint well-being throughout the preparation.

Duration : 8 weeks.


- strengthen the tendons

- accelerate muscle recovery.

- prevent and treat tendonitis

weekly budget : 32 euros

What should you eat on training days?

The goal is to consume 15 to 20 grams of collagen on the days you train. This amount is the one recommended in studies performed by collagen manufacturer Rousselot. You will find the link of the study here).

Comment : 

  • 1 Mimir in hydration before the race
  • 1 smoothie after the sports session for carbohydrate intake
  • 1 Mimir in recovery after in the day.

What to consume on rest days: Objective 5/10 grams of collagen

  • 1 Mimir or 2 Mimir in hydration and recovery

Expected results : 

  • better elasticity of tendons and ligaments allowing more flexibility and less injury.
  • better joint (knee, elbow) and muscle recovery
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