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How collagen changed her life!

Ludwig tells us about his adoption of marine collagen after a sports injury.
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Ludwig tells us how and why he made marine collagen part of his wellness routine.

Why and since when have you been consuming collagen?

In June 2021, I partially ruptured my hamstring while jogging a fast/slow run. My body had been feeling tired for some time, so I guess I pulled a bit too hard.

The physio told me I'd have to rest for 3 months before starting rehab for another 1 month.

I spoke to Romain from Humble+ about my injury, and was having smoothies at their corner after my workouts. He advised me to take collagen to help my recovery, as this protein makes up 85% of tendon structure.

How often did you eat it? 

I consumed 10 grams a day for 8 weeks in powder form, which I mixed with water.

How did it affect your body? 

The effects were real, I recovered from my injury in just 10 weeks by combining leg rest and upper body muscle work.

I haven't felt any weakness in my leg since.

What did you think of Mímir Collagen Water? 

I'm a fan of Mimir for several reasons:

1) The taste is excellent.

I used to force myself to consume my collagen, but now it's a real pleasure. I only received 3 cans, so I'm looking forward to receiving the 3 recipes at the end of May!

2) The composition is perfect

There are just 4 ingredients, no additives, no sugar or sweeteners. 

3) It's very practical

I'll be taking it with me to sport or the office, and with a large stock in my fridge!