How to Boost Collagen Production Naturally?

When the human body stops its growth phase, i.e. when you reach an age between 25 and 30, the cells begin to age. In order for them to be able to regenerate effectively and act in cohesion with each other, the cells of our body need essential elements and in particular an essential protein: collagen.

Present in the dermis, bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, organs or even in the blood vessels, collagen is essential for the proper overall functioning of the body as well as for the beauty of the skin.

Without collagen in sufficient quantity, it is wrinkles and fine lines that appear but also joint pain and cellular degeneration.

Over the years, the amount of collagen produced by the body decreases and accentuates the various effects of aging. To make up for this deficit, it is essential to provide our body with collagen supplementation and to respect the right gestures and behaviors aimed at reviving the collagen production.

What are the factors that contribute to the decrease in our natural production of collagen?

Beyond the simple physical factor related to the irremediable aging of the body, many criteria related to our environment, our lifestyles and our behaviors can impact the amount of collagen produced by the body.

This is particularly the case for the consumption of tobacco and/or alcohol, external attacks caused by atmospheric pollution, exposure to UV rays or poor eating habits.

In addition, the contribution of a natural supplement rich in marine collagen could help you restart your body's protein production mechanism.

Here are some tips for boost your natural collagen production :

  • marine collagen water

  • The hydrolyzed marine collagen that you find in the Humble + collagen drink has antioxidant agents that act against free radicals, responsible, among other things, for cellular aging.

  • Epidermis massage

  • Coming to massage your skin, and in particular the skin of the face, stimulates blood circulation in the dermis and epidermis, which has the effect of densifying the muscles and optimizing the resumption of natural collagen production.

  • A restful sleep

  • It is a recognized fact, it is when we sleep that our cells repair and renew themselves. Lack of sleep, difficulty falling asleep, short nights, so many circumstances that only accentuate the decrease in collagen production by the body.

  • A healthy lifestyle

  • Alcohol, tobacco, pollution, it is imperative to limit your exposure to these toxic elements for your skin, muscle and joint well-being? These harmful substances that you inhale or consume would have a direct impact on the quality of collagen production.

    The same goes for too regular or prolonged exposure to the sun, which would weaken the body's ability to produce collagen. Good protection and a reduction in the time spent under UV rays are recommended to restart this production.

  • Appropriate eating behaviors

  • Certain foods such as meat, fish or the vitamin C contained in fruits such as kiwi or citrus fruits rich in collagen or elements can boost its production, could have advantages in optimizing the level of collagen in your body. 

    Integrating these natural ingredients into your diet, combined with the practice of a sports activity, could help boost your natural collagen production.

    Finally, add a french marine collagen drink in your daily well-being routine would have far more important interests than the aesthetics of your skin or your ability to recover from exercise. 

    Amongst others potential benefits of collagen : a better vitality of the hair, a gain of energy, the reinforcement of the metabolism and the muscular mass or even stronger and healthier nails.

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