Humble+: our mission and specifications

Our Humble+ mission

We are convinced that sport and diet play a key role in our well-being.

Our mission is to create healthy, good and functional products to help our community achieve their health, wellness and sports goals.

Without compromise between taste, pleasure and functionality.

The specifications of our Humble+ products

All our products meet strict specifications which guarantee the quality of our products: 

  • Short and understandable ingredient list
4 natural ingredients, no additives, sweeteners or stabilizers
  • Without compromise between taste and functionality
Our products allow you to consume marine collagen, which has a very special taste, with great pleasure. The recipes are all delicious.
  • Rich in protein and sugar free
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is the flagship ingredient of our products for all the proven benefits it brings (muscle recovery, reduction of inflammation, beauty of the skin...).
We consume too many sugars on a daily basis, it was impossible for us to add any. 1 year working on recipes to bring you drinks without any added sugar or sweeteners while still being delicious.
  • Help our community achieve their goals
Whether you're looking for better recovery, firmer skin, reduced joint pain... our products won't work miracles but will help you on a daily basis to achieve your goals.
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