Our mission :
Feed your Wellness

We are convinced that sport and diet are the pillars of our well-being.

Anxious to improve it, we discovered collagen, this natural body protein, key to our physical well-being.

33% of people over the age of 25 suffer from age-related joint or muscle pain, and we were one of them. We started consuming collagen to relieve our symptoms. If they quickly disappeared, we quickly realized that the forms available were impractical and unpleasant to consume.

That's why we decided to create collagen food products that are healthy, good and easy to consume on a daily basis.

Join us in our mission to enable everyone to maintain a young and active body.

Our engagements

With us, quality is our top priority.
The meaning of Humble+: do what you have to do, do good and try to do more. 

We are the first consumers of our products and we do not compromise on quality.

The recipes we offer are carefully crafted to perfectly combine the taste and functionality of collagen, taking care of every nutritional detail.

All our products meet strict specifications:
  • 5g of collagen for physical wellness benefits
  • Rich in protein
  • No sugars or no added sugars
  • Without sweeteners
  • The best NutriScore in the category (HFSS Compliant)
  • Without any chemical agent
  • Made in France


Most brands are content to follow the competition by trying to do 10% better. But for us, nurturing your well-being goes far beyond that.

We haven't created products that are simply better than others, we have created products that are perfect in terms of nutrition, ingredients and functionality.

At Humble+, we've made it our mission to create products that are both effective and respectful of your health.

The meaning of Humble+: do what you have to do, do good and try to do +.
Behind Humble+, two sports and nutrition enthusiasts who have decided to revolutionize functional food to nourish your well-being.
Sébastien Perez
Holder of a diploma in nutrition from Precision Nutrition I, Sébastien is passionate about running.
He is in charge of all the commercial part.
Romain Quillot
CrossFit Level I coach, Romain is passionate about nutrition in order to improve his well-being.
He is in charge of all the production part.