The benefits of Collagen

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What is collagen ?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, making up 80% of tendons, cartilage, and skin.

The body loses collagen every year, leading to a loss of tissue elasticity and the development of joint pain.

What makes collagen so unique is its high composition of amino acids such as glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. These amino acids are sought after and consumed for the benefits they provide to physical performance.

Consuming 5g per day helps counteract the effects of collagen loss and restore your body's youthfulness.

Collagen and Joints

Millions of us around the world suffer from joint pain due to a lack of collagen in the body creating mobility problems.

Collagen peptides will act on two levels:

1. For joint recovery

In athletes, peptide collagen can help improve the recovery of joints and tendons after intense physical exertion, due to its ability to promote the regeneration of these tissues.

2. Against osteoarthritis

The use of collagen hydrolysates can be beneficial in the fight against osteoarthritis, a disease which causes a decrease in the production of collagen in the joints.

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Collagen and tendons

Collagen is essential for the health of tendons and ligaments, which connect bones to muscles and joints, respectively.

It gives strength and elasticity to these fabrics, which helps them withstand daily stress and wear and tear. It can help prevent tendonitis and tendon tears.

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Collagen sport et performances

Collagen may also have benefits for athletic performance.

It can help increase muscle strength and endurance, reduce joint and tendon pain, improve recovery from physical exertion, and increase bone density. 

The conclusions of the clinical study conducted are that "taking collagen reduced muscle pain and improved recovery by allowing better performance. This implies that collagen peptides are particularly suited to help the athlete maximize their performance.

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Collagen and bones

Collagen is especially important for bone density, which is the amount of mineral matter in the bones.

High bone density is associated with better resistance to fractures.

By increasing the levels of collagen in the bones, it is possible to strengthen the bones and prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

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Skin Beauty Collagen

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness on the beauty of the skin of the consumption of collagen. With 5g of Naticol marine collagen that we put in our collagen drinks the results after 8 weeks are as follows:

+ 20% skin elasticity

- 11% reduction in wrinkles

+ improved feeling of hydration

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Why you should choose our collagen Humble+

We use the best collagen sourced from the French company Weishardt which produces a patented collagen, with 3 clinical studies on Well-Being (beauty, sport and joint comfort): Naticol®.

All our products are rich in collagen to improve your well-being. They are produced in France and tested by an independent laboratory to ensure their quality and optimal purity.

Our products are also: sugar-free, sweetener-free, preservative-free, chemical-free. Without compromise between taste and functionality.

Iwai K, et al., 2005, Identification of food-derived collagen peptides in human blood after oral ingestion of gelatin hydrolysates.