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Collagen Protein Bar

Collagen Protein Bar

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Collagen wellness snack at your fingertips

Contains 5g of collagen And 12g of vegetable protein.

One bar per day contributes to the maintenance of well-being and youthfulness. Joint, tendon and muscle recovery. Your daily dose of collagen, pleasant and tasty.

2 recipes: Almond & Salt, Hazelnut

Why should you adopt it?

Rich in fiber and protein, delicious with an intense flavor, it's the perfect snack to treat your body AND your taste buds.

✅ Recommended daily collagen dose from 25 years old
✅ 6 natural ingredients - gluten free
✅ Tasty recipes without added sugar

✅ Improves skin elasticity
✅ Optimizes joint and muscle recovery
✅ Reduce tendon and joint discomfort

      Recipe (pack of 12)

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      All you need to know


      Benefits and effectiveness


      • Muscle and joint recovery
      • Increased rate of joint, tendon and muscle regeneration after exercise 
      • Anti-inflammatory action in the joints and tendons reducing post-exercise pain


      • Improved joint comfort for people suffering from daily pain
      • Contributes to the normal production of collagen in the joints
      • Contributes to normal bones


      • Elasticity of skin and tissues 
      • Reduction of wrinkles

      Instructions for use

      • Une barre par jour apporte 5g de collagène, soit la dose quotidienne recommandée dans les études cliniques et 12g de protéines végétales.

      • Les bienfaits sont visibles avec une utilisation récurrente pour agir en profondeur sur les articulations, tendons et muscles en favorisant leur régénération. 

      Assimilation by the body

      Collagen is type I, hydrolyzed to reduce the size of the proteins for better absorption, digestion, and efficacy on tendons, joints, and skin. The collagen peptides are therefore digested as they are, without being broken down during digestion.

      This process improves the antioxidant effects, promotes the assimilation of amino acids through the intestinal barrier, and accelerates the assimilation of collagen peptides.

      Ingredients and nutrition


      46g recyclable film bar

      6 natural Ingredients

      Almonds and Salt:

      Soluble tapioca fiber, almond puree, blanched chopped almonds, blanched almond protein powder, collagen peptides, date syrup, rice flour, salt


      Soluble tapioca fiber, hazelnut puree, roasted chopped hazelnut, blanched almond protein powder, collagen peptides, date syrup, rice flour, salt

      Impeccable Nutritional Table

      Calories: 731kj/176Kcal

      Fat: 10g including 0.8g saturated

      Carbohydrates: 5.8g including 3.9g sugars

      Fiber: 10g

      Protein: 12g

      Salt: 0g

      Taste and flavor

      All of our bars are natural, uncooked, and contain real pieces of almonds and hazelnuts for a crunchy effect without any added sugar. The texture is soft.

      Almonds & Salt: the delicacy of almonds enhanced by a subtle touch of salt.

      Hazelnut: the indulgence and intensity of hazelnut.


      Why should i take collagen ?

      Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It makes up 80% of ligaments, cartilage, and skin tissue.

      From the age of 30, the naturally occurring collagen degrades, which impacts our well-being: joint pain, impaired muscle recovery, risk of injury (tendinitis).

      This degradation is also responsible for the loss of skin elasticity, leading to the appearance of wrinkles.

      Consuming our products allows the naturally occurring collagen in the body to be regenerated, improving athletic performance and comfort.

      Why you should take our collagen bar ?

      We have directly incorporated collagen in the form of a ready-to-eat bar.


      We have long consumed collagen in powder form, but we found that the experience was not pleasant:

      - bad taste

      - mixing problems

      - frequent forgetfulness

      So, we have solved all these problems with a protein bar:

      + delicious

      + portable

      + already dosed with 5g of clinically proven collagen peptides.

      What about other forms of collagen?


      - low dosage (0.5-0.75g of collagen), which requires consuming 4 to 8 capsules per day to have the same dosage as in a can.

      - not pleasant to consume

      - addition of chemical agents


      - not pleasant to consume

      - addition of chemical agents

      What makes collagen unique?

      What makes collagen unique is its high composition of amino acids such as glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

      These amino acids are sought after and consumed for their benefits on physical performance.

      Collagen peptides are often absent from our diets, which is why supplementation can be beneficial for a healthy, active lifestyle or athletic activity.

      How much can I take?

      We recommend eating one bar a day to get the recommended collagen dose of 5g.

      There are no contraindications to consuming 2 or in addition to a collagen water.

      Marine or bovine collagen?

      Both are effective. The important thing is to verify the origin of each one.

      We recommend choosing French collagen to ensure unequaled traceability and purity.

      For our bars, we have selected French bovine collagen to create a pleasant texture with a neutral taste.

      We answer all questions about bovine versus marine here!

      Is it as effective as collagen powder?

      Yes, we use hydrolyzed collagen powder Naticol® in our bars. It has proven perfect assimilation by the body thanks to its purity and finesse.

      It does not undergo any transformation during canning. Analyzes carried out by an independent laboratory confirm that the level of collagen found in the can is the same as originally.

      When to consume it?

      Perfect after sport to hydrate and maximize recovery, you can consume it at any time of the day.

      Our Humble+ collagen waters are well-being drinks to drink whenever you want.


      Our bars can be stored at room temperature, they have a shelf life of 12 months after production. It can be taken everywhere: at the office, in your sports bag or on a trip.

      Under the effect of heat, they may have a soft texture.

      Any side effects?

      There are no known side effects for collagen.

      For a balanced diet we recommend that you consume no more than two bars per day.


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      Why you should eat our Collagen Bars?

      If you have ever consumed collagen, you know that the taste can be unpleasant. Protein bars are often very artificial with "chocolate" coatings.

      To enable you to consume more collagen, we have developed a unique protein bar: tasty, healthy, and functional.

      ✅ 5g of French marine collagen with proven benefits

      ✅ Clean label: 6 ingredients

      ✅ 100% natural

      ✅ Delicious and with no added sugars

      🇫🇷 Made in France