Barres protéinées au collagène : les meilleures barres du marché

Collagen protein bars: the best bars on the market

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Looking for a quality protein bar that combines flavor and natural ingredients? Do not search anymore ! Humble+ offers you bovine collagen protein bars made in France, with 12g of vegetable proteins and less than 4g of sugars.

An optimal composition

Unlike many protein bars available on the market which consist of more than twenty ingredients, sugars or sweeteners, our bars stand out for their minimalist composition.

Each bar is made from only 6 ingredients carefully selected for their quality and nutritional value. This feat helps eliminate added sugars, sweeteners and preservatives that may be present in other brands.

You will thus find 12 grams of protein per bar, 5g of bovine collagen, whole hazelnuts or almonds. The collagen is made in France to guarantee impeccable traceability.

A healthy alternative to traditional bars

With less than 4g of sugars, our protein bars are an ideal option for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With 170 calories per bar, they are NutriScore A certified and scored 90/100 on the Yuka app.

Our protein bars are positioned as a nutritious and delicious solution to satisfy your protein and collagen needs. Their minimalist composition, varied proteins and low sugar content make them a wise choice for lovers of healthy snacks.

Try Humble+ protein bars and discover a new way to combine pleasure and well-being!

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