Synthesis of collagen

Improved collagen synthesis and anti-inflammatory action.

skin beauty

5g per day for 8 weeks:
+20% elasticity and -11% wrinkles

Joint comfort

10g daily for 8 weeks for reduced pain and improved mobility.

Recovery and performance

Better muscle recovery and less aches after exercise.

Protection of the digestive system

Protection of the digestive system with anti-inflammatory action for a healthy microbiota

weight management

Improves glucose regulation and cholesterol level.

To see more clearly

Joints, tendons, muscles: what is the link with collagen?

A tendon is a fibrous structure that connects a muscle to a bone. It is composed of collagen fibers, aligned in parallel, which gives them great tensile strength.

Muscles are made up of muscle fibers that are made up of proteins. They also contain a significant amount of connective tissue, made up of collagen. Collagen in muscles helps maintain the structure and cohesion of muscle tissue and by connecting them to tendons and bones.

Thus, both tendons, joints and muscles contain type I collagen in their composition, which gives them the resistance and stability necessary for their respective functions.