Greg, adepte du collagène pour booster sa récupération sportive !

Greg, follower of collagen to boost his sports recovery!

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Greg, an early member of the Humble+ community.

At 44, he is passionate about sports and a fan of our products. Here's what he shared with us about his athletic journey, his challenges, and how collagen helps him improve his performance and recovery.

Romain: Greg, can you tell us a bit about your sporting background?

Greg: During my adolescence, I practiced judo and jujitsu. At 25, I had to put sport aside because of work, and I gained 15 kilos in 10 years. So I decided to take control of my diet and get back to sport. I discovered CrossFit in 2016, and I continue to practice it for the complementarity it brings to my physical preparation. I regularly set myself new challenges, after my half-marathon this year, I am preparing for the half Iron Man in Les Sables d'Olonne.

Romain: How did you discover our brand?

Greg: I met you at the CrossFit Louvre in Paris where you had a Wellness Corner. I was taking your collagen protein smoothies after my session to maximize my recovery. Then I followed you on the adventure of bars and collagen powder.

Romain: How important are recovery and nutrition in your sports preparation?

Greg: Recovery is an essential pillar of my well-being, just like training, sleep and diet. I like to understand what I'm doing and what I'm consuming to optimize my recovery and my health in order to avoid injuries.

Romain: You mentioned to me that you had problems with tendonitis. How did you handle this?

Greg: I had small tendinitis regularly, which I treated with deep massages and mobilization. Since consuming your collagen, I see a marked improvement after a few weeks! I'm afraid to stop taking it now 😊!

Romain: Had you tried other collagen-based products before?

Greg: I had tested other products, but they were not pleasant to consume. Humble+ seduced me for three reasons: the entrepreneurial aspect, the quality of the products and their efficiency.

Romain: How do you incorporate our products into your daily routine?

Greg: I adopted powdered collagen which I consume before or after my training sessions. I take 10g a day to keep this tendinitis away! During a somewhat long race, I also take a barbell.

Romain: Any final words?

Greg: I think your products are suitable for everyone, even for a Sunday sportsman like me who also trains during the week for pleasure.