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Develop your strength to improve your health

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This week, I'm talking about the health benefits of building strength. 
And to counter the clichés, I interviewed an expert: David Lenouvel, Training Director of the CrossFit Louvre group (2800 members) and Coach CrossFit Level 3.
So let’s already tackle these clichés to better combat them:
- "I'm a woman and I don't want to gain muscle and look like a man", Marion - 35 years old
- "it's a stretch" Henri - 33 years old
- "I'm out of age, I'm going to hurt myself" - Elisabeth - 58 years old


Hello David, 

Can you tell us about the difference between running-type cardio work and strength work?

David: Cardio works on your fundamental endurance. While this is of course very important, it is often over-practiced. A lot of people go for a run 3 times a week, they've sweated it out and think they've trained well. But they only worked on one aspect of fitness. However, unless you are overweight or have heart disease, it is very rare to "miss cardio".

Force work is different. It will stimulate your nervous system and recruit other energy sectors than those of cardio, allowing you to evolve outside your comfort zone and strengthen other aspects of your health.

It is therefore necessary to combine the two to be in good health and above all to perform all the mechanical actions of everyday life, for as long as possible.

Romain: We mistakenly associate strength with building muscle. This makes women particularly resistant to working on their strength. For what ?

David: already I want to say that we have to get out of the shackles that a muscular woman is not feminine. Because it is often the heart of the problem in this fear.

Since the 1970's, people have been training using STRENGTH programs: lots of reps on an isolated muscle, resulting in a "bulking" effect.

Strength work is different, it will make your body more dynamic, more athletic and firmer but without that bulk. 

At CrossFit our mission is that you can face all the challenges of your life. Sometimes it's being able to carry a 7 kilo water pack for a mile, or playing with your 20 kilo child while carrying it, or just moving on your own.

Romain: let's talk about the over 40s. Why are we talking about a public health issue?

David: The fear of losing one's autonomy is present in all our parents.

In retirement homes, in general, the hearts of residents are in good health. The big problem comes from the lack of autonomy linked to the absence of strength.

An example: getting up from the toilet on your own requires being able to do a squat with your body weight. If you have never trained your strength, your muscle density decreases with age, you wake up one morning without being able to do it. 

When you're young, strength training is often about ego. At 40 it's a question of health and well-being to be able to move without suffering from the pangs of time.

We even have medical evidence that strength training builds bone density. So a 60-70 year old who trains will have less chance of hurting themselves or breaking a bone when they fall.

Romain: I take this opportunity to talk about the benefits of collagen on the bone system. It makes up 30% of the total mass of bone. Consumed in addition to calcium, it thus helps to strengthen them as well as its joints.

To conclude, a word on why you recommend CrossFit?

David: It's a complete workout. We will allow you to train under the supervision of a certified and qualified Coach to improve both your cardio and your strength for health and well-being.

Of course everyone has this image of over-muscled athletes. But they are professionals. CrossFit is accessible to everyone and I encourage you to discover this sport in a box near you.