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When to take marine collagen?

Enter the consumption of a marine collagen drink in your daily routine allows you to make up the protein production deficit over the years.


What is collagen used for?

The collagen or collagen peptides is a protein naturally produced by the body and found in large quantities in various connective tissues such as the dermis, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and even in the bones.

However, over the years and from the age of 30, there is a regular decrease in collagen levels product that will have consequences on the body. Even if the effects of this reduction are only very limited at the beginning, various manifestations quickly appear: skin aging, wrinkles and fine lines, joint pain, difficulty in recovery, risk of injury...

A bit of vocabulary:


Collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen are the most found form because they are best absorbed by the body. It is obtained from a mild enzymatic process to keep only pure collagen protein.


Collagen in hydrolyzed form, another word for peptide.

When and how to take collagen?

From the age of 30, a regular supply of collagen protein or collagen peptides in the body, would prove necessary for the maintenance of physical comfort and good health.well-being global as well as a beauty of the skin found. Studies recommend 5 grams of collagen per day to see the first effects. A course of daily collagen peptides for one month is necessary for maximum effect.

Enter the consumption of a marine collagen drink in your daily routine allows you to fill the protein production deficit over the years and improve its well-being.

Naticol marine collagen

This is the type of collagen that we have chosen for our collagen drinks for two reasons: unequaled traceability with a product made in France and for a neutral, delicious taste with quality aromatic work.

When should you take your collagen drink?

If you are wondering when is the best time of day to drink your collagen water, in reality, everything will depend on your objectives.

Indeed, the moment of the day to favor for your marine collagen routine will be different depending on whether it is a question of gaining in overall comfort and providing a natural supplement aimed at keeping skin younger and fresher on a daily basis or to accompany a sports practice and improve your recovery potential.

What about liquid collagen stick?

Very practical and with a fairly neutral taste, it does however contain a lot of sugar or sweetener as well as acidity correctors.

Take collagen for the skin

If your collagen supplementation is motivated by the aesthetic nature of your skin, if you want to regain better elasticity and firmness of the epidermis, then it would be advisable to take your marine collagen drink in the evening before going to bed.

Why take collagen at bedtime?

Indeed, it is during the sleep phase that cellular activity is most sustained, so that the supply of collagen would be more beneficial at this time of the day.

Beauty cure - how long?

The clinical studies of the Naticol collagen that we use in our marine collagen drink demonstrated with a cure of 5g of collagen 5g per day for 8 weeks the effects were an 11% reduction in wrinkles and an increase in skin elasticity by 20%. As well as better hydration.

collagen for the joints

If you suffer from tendinitis, joint pain or various rheumatism, it appears that it does not matter when you take your marine collagen, the importance is going to be the quality of the collagen and the daily consumption.

For the virtues of collagen in athletes

In athletes, whether intensive or normal practice, marine collagen would provide better joint and ligament protection, improve athletic performance, better recover after exercise and participate in the maintenance of muscle and bone mass.

In view of these potential benefits, it would therefore be advisable to take your marine collagen water at the end of each of your workouts.

How much collagen per day?

Between 5 grams and 10 grams per day is sufficient to achieve the desired effects.


Collagen will have more of an effect on muscle recovery, so you can get back to training, rather than building it.

Side effects

No side effects with regular consumption of quality collagen have been observed.

For maximum benefits

Whatever your lifestyle habits, a supplementation of marine collagen in your wellness routine daily must be long-term if you want to enjoy lasting effects on your skin as well as on your body in general.

A regular intake of marine collagen in the form of a collagen drink would make it possible to prevent cellular aging but also to repair and regenerate the cells of the body as a whole.

The Humble+ marine collagen drink is recommended for more beautiful and smooth skin, strengthened joints and greater general mobility.

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