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A functional, healthy and delicious collagen drink

We explain everything about our Collagen Waters: what we put in and especially what we don't, where they are developed and manufactured.

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Collagen Water

We are convinced of the benefits of collagen for overall well-being: improved elasticity of tissues and ligaments, joint comfort and sports performance. And of course clinically proven benefits for reducing wrinkles.

Incorporating marine collagen into a drink was no easy feat. If you consume collagen powder, you can suspect it.

Indeed, thehe functional ingredients can have unpleasant notes (medicines, iron taste, astringent or in our case fish…). 

We explain everything about our Collagen Waters, collagen drink : what we put in and especially what we do not put, where they are developed and manufactured.

The ingredients that we refuse to incorporate


Adding sugars remains the best way to hide the unpleasant tastes mentioned.

Sugar is already hiding everywhere in our diet, it was out of the question for us to add it. It took a lot of aromatic work, but the result is there. Our drink has the "Sugar Free" claim and a NutriScore B (best possible NutriScore for drinks - the A being reserved for water).


Tending towards less sugars, manufacturers are integrating alternatives: sucralose (E955), aspartame (E951), acesulfame K (E950), stevia glycerol (E960)… or the Sorbonne University identifies the consumption of sweeteners as a potential factor in the occurrence of heart and vascular diseases, INSERM to an increased risk of cancer. Surprise🤯.

Beyond the health risks, they often give a strange taste on the finish. It is therefore quite naturally that we have banned them. 

Artificial flavors

Unlike the natural flavors we use, the artificial flavor is a product of chemical synthesis. It is produced entirely from flavoring molecules. Drinks using artificial flavors often taste very chemical and fake.

The ingredients we use-

Naticol marine collagen® 

For functionality, you have understood that we use collagen in all our products. For our Collagen Water we choose Naticol marine collagen® from the French manufacturer Weishardt. A question about marine or bovine collagen? We answer it here.

Its finesse allows maximum absorption by the body to bring you 5g of collagen per can. 

Natural fruit flavors

Our aromas come directly from the fruit which allows us to have a natural product and above all offering a taste as close as possible to the fruit from which it comes.

Concentrated lemon juice

Pure lemon juice, no added sugar. This allows us to naturally acidify the recipe for optimal preservation without any chemicals. 

Made in France

Our drinks are developed with our laboratory near Angers and are made in Charente by a family business.

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