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What is Collagen?

Impossible to address the question of sporting well-being, skin beauty and of thephysical balance of the organism without mentioning the collagen ! Firmness and elasticity of the skin, reinforcement of tendinous and cartilaginous tissues... Collagen plays a fundamental role in preserving the natural skin beauty and in the body functioning in general.

Impossible to address the issue of sporting well-being, skin beauty and of thephysical balance of the organism without mentioning the collagen ! Firmness and elasticity of the skin, reinforcement of tendinous and cartilaginous tissues... Collagen plays a fundamental role in preserving the natural skin beauty and in the body functioning in general.

Let's define what exactly collagen is!

The collagen is a protein that comes in the form of fibers and is produced completely naturally by our body in the dermis, but it is also found in joints, cartilage, tendons and muscles.

It is the fibroblasts, cells present in the connective tissue, which are responsible for the production of collagen to which they associate the production ofelastin, another protein that creates this elasticity of the skin and this function of shock absorber that our joints play.

The main role of collagen is to make our tissues more resistant to protect us against external aggressions, trauma due to our movements and the consequences of cellular aging.

To schematize the importance of collagen for our physical well-being and the beauty of our skin, it can be summed up in the fact that this protein is the guarantor of the solidity and resistance of our muscular, articular and tissue framework.

These are the collagen fibers that provide firmness, elasticity and tone to our entire body. 

Why do you need to take collagen as a supplement?

Although it is natural, the production of collagen by our body has limits. Indeed, with age and generally after the twenties, it begins to decrease. This progressive collagen deficiency will have consequences on cell degeneration and cause signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, but also a loss of flexibility in movement or joint pain.

In order to fill this deficit in the production of collagen by our body, it is essential to supplement our diet with products containing this protein. Among these foods rich in collagen, we find meat, dairy products, fatty fish or eggs. 

Other foods such as citrus fruits, red fruits or certain exotic fruits, without providing us with any additional collagen, would allow the optimization of the synthesis of natural collagen produced by the body.

The marine collagen, from fish, would represent the best way to counter the effects of cellular aging and a great opportunity to include it in a daily well-being and beauty routine.

In the form of a water collagen drink, it would then be very easy to provide your body with the collagen supplement to counter the lack of natural production and, thanks to the specific formulation of the Humble collagen drink +, to optimize better protein synthesis.

Thus, enriching your diet with a drink rich in marine collagen would preserve the natural beauty of the skin for longer and restore a better sports recovery function, reducing the risk of aches or joint pain as well as injuries.